Our faculty have interests in multiple branches of mathematics relating to Analysis: Analytic Number Theory; Automorphic Forms; Complex Geometry; Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis; Harmonic Analysis; Operator Algebras; Operator Theory; and, Quantum Field Theory.

"Drawing Hands" by M.C. Escher. Licensed under Fair use via Wikimedia Creative Commons.

Image: "Drawing Hands" by M.C. Escher, 1948. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


The group hosts seminars throughout the semester. Seminar schedules are here: UB Math Analysis Seminar.


Functional Analysis, Operator Theory
Chou, Ching
Li, Hanfeng
Xia, Jingbo

C*-algebras and their deformation theory
Li, Hanfeng (focus non-commutative geometry, quantization)

Fourier and Harmonic Analysis
Chou, Ching (invariant means)
Xia, Jingbo