The Algebra Group at UB has various research interests in the areas of Algebraic Number Theory; Arithmetic Geometry; Automorphic Forms; Categorical Algebra; Cryptography; L-functions; and, Representation Theory.

"Escher Circle Limit III" by [1]. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

"Escher Circle Limit III" by [1]. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Weekly Algebra Seminar - Mondays at 4:00

Each semester, the Algebra Seminar meets at 4:00 p.m. on Mondays, in Room 250 of the Mathematics Building.


Number Theory
Cusick, Thomas (focus on Diophantine Approximations)
Hundley, Joseph (automorphic forms, L-functions)
Li, Hanfeng
Li, Xiaoqing (Analytic Number Theory with focus on automorphic forms and L-functions)
Sikora, Adam (focus on Arithmetic Topology)
Zhu, Hui June (Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, p-adic Hodge Theory)

Representation Theory
Hundley, Joseph (Lie groups, p-adic groups, automorphic representations)
Li, Yiqiang (Geometric representation theory)
Sikora, Adam (Moduli spaces of representations)

Category Theory
Badzioch, Bernard (Categorical Algebra, Model Categories)

Algebraic Geometry
Ramachandran, Mohan
Zhu, Hui June

Badzioch, Bernard


  • Charles Chain
  • Ka Yue Cheuk
  • Gage Cosgrove
  • Raymond Jones
  • Jiseong Kim
  • Yanzhan Liao
  • Ning Ma
  • Renda Ma
  • Yuqing Ma
  • Michael Montoro
  • Jun Peng
  • Mark Sullivan
  • Yuxun Sun
  • Shiruo Wang
  • Jiayi Xian