Friends of the Poetry Collection Endowment Fund

James Joyce.

This fund allows the University Libraries to purchase new materials and support special projects such as events and publications for the Poetry Collection.

UB’s Poetry Collection serves as the library of record for 20th- and 21st-century poetry in English, thanks in large part to gifts from alumni and friends.

Each year the collection supports with its materials a wide range of scholarly publications, opens its doors to visiting researchers from around the world, and assists the educational activities of undergraduate and graduate students at UB and elsewhere. Furthermore, the collection hosts numerous lectures, conferences, readings, and other events, making it an active research center for the study of modern and contemporary poetry.

The Friends of the Poetry Collection Endowment Fund helps to provide for the acquisition, organization, preservation, digitization and exhibition of books, magazines, journals and important literary archives. Donations also help support the research and teaching missions of the Poetry Collection.

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