Friends of the University Libraries Fund

Student recieving help at the Library Services Desk on campus.

Library materials, equipment and other critical resources are provided through this fund.

The Friends of the University Libraries Fund was established in 1980 by membership fees of the Friends of the University Libraries.

The fund supports a variety of key resources and initiatives for the University Libraries, including library materials, equpment, supplies and services. In addition, the fund may be used to cover travel and honorarium expenses for speakers and lecturers.

UB Libraries is turning the page on creating and building libraries as premier destinations to connect, collaborate and create. We combine the power of knowledge and research to solve some of society’s toughest challenges and ensure accessibility to our past for the good of our future. Together, we are shaping new ways of navigating and accessing an increasingly complex global information landscape. Now, with the power of philanthropy, we can drive our students and our community toward a new learning environment through UB Libraries.

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