Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab Fund

Wooden structures created by freshman architecture students as part of a yearlong design-build studio are on display at Artpark in Lewiston.

Support healthier, more resilient communities in Buffalo and around the world through this fund.

The Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab, housed in the School of Architecture and Planning at UB, is dedicated to research that critically examines the role of local government policy in facilitating equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities. The Lab is especially focused on community food systems as a space and lever for creating positive change in our backyard (Buffalo) and in the Global South.

This fund provides financial support for operational or research needs and enhancements within the Lab.

The work of the UB Food Lab is driven by a desire to promote equity and inclusion in communities. Our research unfolds in collaboration with other research groups within and outside UB, as well as in partnership with organizations and governments in the United States and globally. Drawing on its research, the Food Lab team provides technical assistance to community advocates, planners and local governments on the use of policy and planning to create equitable food systems and healthy communities.

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