Gifted Math Program Endowment Fund

UB student interacts with school-age students during an activity session.

Exceptional secondary school students take advanced mathematics courses through the Gifted Math Program, which is supported by this fund.

Each year, the Gifted Math Program (GMP) enrolls approximately 250 students of outstanding mathematics ability from the seventh through twelfth grades of the public, parochial and private schools in Western New York.

This fund supports the GMP within the Graduate School of Education, including student scholarships, internships, and other awards; graduation ceremonies; and curriculum evaluations and revisions.

The single objective of the Gifted Math Program (GMP) is to deliver a curriculum that challenges proven high achievers in the same way that standard school curricula challenge students of lesser ability. The program captures the interest of young scholars at a critical time in their development, cultivating in them positive attitudes toward serious academic endeavors and encouraging their development of good work habits.

The program was founded in 1979 by Dr. Gerald R. Rising, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus in the University's Department of Learning and Instruction and by Dr. Betty J. Krist, Professor Emerita and former chair of the Mathematics Department of Buffalo State College.

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