Catholic Campus Ministry Program Fund

Interior of The Newman Center, Catholic Campus Ministry at UB.

The Newman Center, Catholic Campus Ministry at UB — which this fund supports — often acts as a “home away from home” for students.

This fund was established to accept gifts to be used as discretionary funding by the Director of Catholic Campus Ministry at UB, to benefit the programs of the UB Newman Center.

As the Newman Center notes on its website, they offer “a warm, welcoming environment for prayer and faith, as well as a dynamic community that relishes in sharing time and energy with one another.” Their campus ministry center — an area landmark — has served students for years.

The Newman Center is focused on serving students during their years at UB, including helping them explore their values, grow their Catholic identity, and understand themselves (and their community) through “education, reflection and discussion.”

In addition, the center provides opportunities for students to share their faith (individually and in groups), participate in prayer, take leadership roles, and serve others.

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