Alumni Life: Show Your Age

Show Your Age: Alumni proudly date themselves

What was your first email service provider?

Retro Mac computer.

“I created my first email account in 2001—a Hotmail account that I still use today. I get funny looks when I give it out.”

Carl Weiss (MBA ’07)
Westfield, N.J.

“I started with AOL in 1997 and still use it. It’s in so many reminders and renewals, I’m afraid I’d miss something if I changed.”

Steve Reynolds (BS ’76)
Midwest City, Okla.

“My first email address was from UB in 1983. My first commercial account was with CompuServe. I also had GEnie and Prodigy accounts before I got married, and my wife and I set up a joint AOL account.”

Thomas Pellitieri (BA ’83)
Toledo, Ohio

“Netscape in the late ’90s. I still use it!”

Debbie Sinkin Kaplan (BS ’78)
Northport, N.Y.

“I worked at the Information Technology Center in the basement of Clemens Hall during the mid-’90s. At the time, UB had the VAX system for email and internet stuff. I think my address was”

Mark Weber (BA ’97)
Amherst, N.Y.

“I was 10 when I started using email. My first provider was Hotmail, and my grandmother helped me set it up.”

Nikki Niemeyer (MA ’17)
Erie, Pa.

“My first email provider was UB. I started using it in 1992 when my brother went away to the University of Wyoming. He was the only other person I knew with email! It saved lots of money on long-distance phone calls.”

Dori Sajdak (BA ’95)
Buffalo, N.Y.