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Regreening the Built Environment: Nature, Green Space, and Sustainability.

Michael A. Richards (MArch ’02, BS ’96)

Richards, a space planning/mapping specialist at the University of Vermont, describes how the industrial world can coexist with the natural world, creating an environment where rooftops become wildlife habitats and roadways transform into land bridges. In this forward-thinking work, the author offers readers a way to reimagine infrastructure in a sustainable world. (Routledge, 2017)

Contraceptive Risk: The FDA, Depo-Provera, and the Politics of Experimental Medicine.

William Green (PhD ’77)

Green tells the backstory of Depo-Provera, the controversial injectable contraceptive approved by the FDA in 1992. Drawing from a wide variety of sources, he details the dark history of the drug’s dangerous side effects, as well as the widespread institutional failures that allowed it to be approved and marketed in the first place. (New York University Press, 2017)

Second Acts.

Teri Emory (BA ’70)

Emory’s novel follows the lives of three women—Sarah, Miriam and Beth—from the beginning of their friendship in a UB dorm room in the late 1960s. As the years roll by, conflicts—from old relationships to sexist bosses—arise, and they are forced to confront the lasting effects of decisions and actions made long ago. But the trio consistently draw strength from their unwavering bond to come to terms with the past and move into the future. (Amberjack Publishing, 2017)

The Battle for the Catholic Past in Germany, 1945-1980.

Mark Edward Ruff (BA ’91)

As West Germany came to grips with its Nazi past in the years following World War II, the Catholic Church, claims Ruff, received a disproportionate amount of criticism for its relationship with the Third Reich compared with its Protestant counterparts. In this in-depth study, Ruff tries to explain the discrepancy, in part by examining the perspectives of everyone from Pope Pius XII to ordinary German citizens. (Cambridge University Press, 2017)

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