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Beaker Briefs

Research highlights from the desk, lab and field in 50 words or less

By Andrew Coddington

UB researchers have developed a 3D-printing process that can manufacture dentures at a fraction of conventional laboratory cost and time. These smart dentures are infused with antimicrobial medications to proactively ward off common infections, an innovation that could eventually be applied to casts, stents and prosthetics, too.

Led by: Oral biology and biomedical engineering researcher Praveen Arany

Cars that run on hydrogen and oxygen may be around the corner thanks to a new chemical catalyst for fuel cells. The inexpensive component could replace the costly platinum catalysts used today, making the green energy source more affordable for use in cars, backup generators and other hydrogen-powered devices.

Led by: Chemistry researcher Timothy Cook

Illustration of Cancer cells burning.

Imagine a minimally invasive treatment that eradicates cancer with no major side effects. That’s the promise of magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia, a technology that fries cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue intact, and that just came one step closer to clinical reality thanks to an exceptionally high-performing nanoparticle designed at UB.

Led by: Physics researcher Hao Zeng