The Path to Investing in Startups

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Investing locally to impact globally

Dr. Marnie LaVigne

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Presented on
Jan. 29, 2020
Noon—1 p.m. EST

Alex Killian

Alex Killian.

An introduction to Launch NY's invest local financing programs with Marnie LaVigne, President & CEO of Launch NY as well as Alex Killian, MBA '16, BS '16, Investment Associate with Launch NY. Meet the region’s most active seed fund in NYS and one of the most active in the country. With a track record of mentoring nearly 1100 companies, Launch NY offers unique investment programs for both active and passive investors to fund startups transforming upstate NY.  Invest Local means “doing good, while doing well.”

About Dr. Marnie LaVigne & Alex Killian
Dr. Marnie LaVigne has spent more than 25 years in both the private & public sectors creating new products & start-up businesses, driving innovation & economic growth in high-tech industries. Her passion for working with start-ups took root from her experience launching health informatics businesses which resulted in growing two different firms with more than 100 employees & two initial public offerings (IPOs).

Alex Killian is an Investment Associate with Launch NY. Alex works on investments through the Launch NY Seed Fund along with identifying additional opportunities for financial vehicles to further expand the reach of Launch NY. Alex earned his MBA from UB, then worked as an investment analyst for a private equity firm in Toronto, Ontario. In addition, he works with a family investment office based out of the Greater Toronto area identifying & investing in operating businesses & real estate.