The Outstanding Communicator

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3 Proven Ways to Communicate with Confidence

Christopher Kai

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Noon-1 p.m. EST

How do you develop more genuine relationships, minimize arguments, have more productive meetings, and be more persuasive with your boss, co-worker, or client? What words, tone of voice, or body language can you use to scientifically and ethically influence a person in any conversation? Derived from a 3,000-year-old Chinese character, why is “5-element listening” the most powerful and subtle way to truly develop lasting change in your business relationships?

About Christopher Kai
Christopher Kai, BS '95, is one of the world’s leading authorities in story-based leadership, a Fortune 100 global speaker, #1 global bestselling author, and an online entrepreneur with clients in 100 cities, 24 countries, and 5 continents. He created two highly successful online global platforms that train entrepreneurs and professionals on how to launch a speaking business and master business networking skills. His mainkeynotes are about story-based leadership, team success, sales mastery, relationship building, communication and persuasion. Outside of his business, he founded Mondays at the Mission, the only homeless youth program of its kind in the world. He has authored 5 books which include “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires,Executives and Celebrities” and “Your Wonder Years: Success in College and Beyond” and has been featured on Forbes. He is a former business strategist at American Express. Elon Musk once exclaimed during an interview, “Wow, you really know a lot.”