Career Change 101

The phrase "Time for a Change" on a light up sign board.

How to Design a Career You Actually Love

Ashley Artrip

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Noon-1 p.m. EST

If you are considering a new career but are feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to take action, the Career Change 101 webinar is a great place to start! Facilitated by Career Change expert, Ashley Artrip, from Mission Collaborative, this workshop provides you with effective ideas, steps, and resources to get your career change process started.

Note: The focus of this workshop is not job-search related.

Learning outcomes:

1. Gain a foundational understanding of each stage in the Career Design Process: a four-step process based on the principles of Design Thinking to effectively change careers:

a. Reflection - Get clarity on what do you want and what are you good at
b. Definition - Define the criteria you want your career to satisfy in the next chapter
c. Testing - Learn how you can test career paths before you commit to them so you know it will be a good fit for you
d. Launch - Learn how you can stand out from other candidates and land your next role

2. Learn tactical next steps you can use to begin your career change journey right away

3. Learn how you can join fellow UB alumni in the UB Alumni Career Design Fellowship; a 30-day online Fellowship to provide you with the structure and accountability to effectively change your career.

About Ashley Artrip
Ashley Artrip, Co-Founder of Mission Collaborative, is on a mission to help others design successful careers that are engaging and fulfilling. Before Mission Collaborative, she worked at Gallup and other organizations, where she focused on researching employee engagement and what contributes to a successful career. While at Gallup, she became a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, enabling her to help others identify their strengths and harness them to design careers they love..