Introduction to Breakdance

Woman breakdancing.

Attention parents - Entertain the kids while you prepare dinner!

Brendan Tom

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
5-6 p.m. EST

Looking to break up your homeschooling routine?  We’ve got the class for you! 

Breaking, also known as breakdance, is a style of street dance created in the South Bronx in the early 1970’s as part of the Hip-Hop movement.  While the acrobatic movements such as headspins and freezes have popularized the dance, this class will focus on moves that can be done by kids of all levels.  Students will learn some of the basic toprock and footwork steps and will combine moves to make a short routine. 

This class is recommended for students ages 8 and up and is perfect for families!

About Brendan Tom
Brendan Tom, BA '14, is a professional staff member at UB.  Brendan has over a decade of professional dance experience as a competitor, choreographer, and instructor.  Brendan’s teaching career began at Sukha Arts Center dance studio in Harrington Park, NJ, where he taught youth breaking classes for 6 years.  Brendan has additional experience teaching dance at various private schools in Manhattan and working closely with after-school programs and summer camps.