Saving your work to OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service. 

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Installing OneDrive

Installing OneDrive on your computer(s) will let you save to OneDrive as if it were just another drive on your computer, and will keep your files synced across your devices. 
  1. Download the Microsoft 365 apps as described in Installing Microsoft 365 apps
  2. Launch the OneDrive application
  3. On the Set up OneDrive screen, enter your email address
  4. Click Sign in
  5. Enter your UBITName password
  6. Click Sign In
  7. If desired, change the location of your OneDrive folder
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to start using OneDrive

Saving to OneDrive

From the Microsoft 365 website

Files created from the Microsoft 365 website are automatically saved to your OneDrive.

From an application installed on your computer

The easiest way to save to OneDrive is to sign into one of your Office apps.

  1. Open Word
  2. In the upper left, click Sign in
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click Sign in

Once you are signed in, your OneDrive will become available as a location to save to:

Save to ONeDrive.

File status icons

When you browse your OneDrive files, icons appear to give you more information about the file.

Online-only files have a cloud next to them. Locally available files show a white circle with a green checkmark. File available online and offline are indicated with a green circle and a white checkmark.

Common questions

How do I save files I create in Microsoft 365 to UBbox?

If you are working on an installed app, Install the Box Drive. When you save your file, browse to the Box folder on your computer.

If you are using an app from the Microsoft 365 website, choose from Save As > Download a copy and browse to your Box folder. Note that this will not keep your files in sync.

I'm graduating. Do I get to keep Microsoft 365?

No. You will need to move your files off of OneDrive. Before you leave UB, you should move your files to a free OneDrive account. See Transition from UBIT Services.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.