Devices and Verification

Learn about the devices you can enroll in Duo, and how to use two-step verification with them.

(Recommended) Enrolling the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone (a cell phone that allows you to download and install applications) gives you the greatest number of options. Most people find the "push notification" the most convenient option.
(Faculty, staff, GAs and TAs only) Receive audio phone calls as your authentication.
Learn about using your own security key with Duo and USB devices. (Not for use with UB's VPNs.)
UB-assigned hardware tokens generate a one-time passcode that you can enter into Duo when prompted. 
Touch ID verifies your fingerprint for identification. (Not for use with UB's VPNs.)
Apple Watch and Android Smartwatch may be used with Duo; however, there is no standalone app. A paired smartphone must be enrolled.

Note: Your device options will vary depending on your university affiliation.

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