Using Duo with the UBVPN

Glenn Taplin, with Admissions, is photographed speaking with an unkown student via a video conference in April 2020. This is a photo illustration.

Photograph by Douglas Levere

Published June 8, 2020

The UBVPN (virtual private network) creates a secure connection to UB online resources from off-campus, and is required for some services like UB Voicemail. When you connect to the UBVPN, you may be asked to approve your login using Duo two-step verification.


You can find complete instructions for installing and using the UBVPN with your device on the UBIT website.

Find your device alias

When using Duo to verify your login to the UBVPN, you’ll be asked to enter a device number (1 through 4), or a device alias (e.g., push1) corresponding to your preferred verification method. 

Devices aliases appear when you have greater than four methods of Duo verification. To see which aliases correspond to which verification methods, visit the Duo Two Step Verification Manager and select VPN Device Aliases.

You can also print backup security codes to use in place of your existing Duo methods using the Duo Two Step Verification Manager.

Touch ID and security keys not supported

Physical security keys like YubiKey, and Apple’s Touch ID—two methods of verification that are generally supported with Duo—are not available for verification when logging into the UBVPN.

If Touch ID and/or a physical security key are your only registered second-step options for Duo, visit to find out how you can add additional devices. 

Need more help?

For help with these and other UBIT services, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at or by phone at 716-645-3542.