Lost access to Duo and can’t log in? Recover your Duo account here

A student uses his phone while walking outside on UB's campus.

Photograph by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published September 17, 2020

It happens—maybe you deleted the Duo app by accident, or maybe you got a new phone and wiped the old one before transferring Duo. Now you can’t log into UB online services! Follow these steps to recover your Duo account and regain access.


These instructions will help anyone at UB who has lost access to the Duo Mobile app and can no longer verify their account when logging into UB online services. As long as you still have the same phone number as the device you originally registered with Duo, you can follow these instructions to request a code sent via text message to a mobile phone you have registered with Duo, bypassing the Duo Mobile app. 

If you can’t receive text messages on your registered device (for example, if your phone is broken), you can still contact the UBIT Help Center to recover your account.

Once you regain access, enroll multiple devices and print backup codes to avoid losing access again in the future.

Still need help with Duo?

For help with Duo and other issues related to your UBITName account, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help or by phone at 716-645-3542.