Storing restricted data in UBbox? Here's what you need to know

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Published July 23, 2018

UBbox is approved for storing UB restricted data like social security numbers—but before you upload, you'll need to take extra steps to ensure your data is private and protected.


Video: Storing Restricted Data in UBbox

Step 1: Appoint a data steward

Your data steward is the designated person who ensures that restricted data is only accessible by authorized individuals. They'll also ensure that anyone with access to that data can only use it for its intended purpose.

Additional responsibilities of the data steward include:

The data steward is also required to participate in a training on restricted data.

Step 2: Request a restricted data folder

Once you've chosen your data steward, you can request a restricted data folder through UBIT. The request will need to be approved by UB’s Information Security Officer, and possibly other security/privacy officials as appropriate.

Step 3: Know the restrictions

Different rules apply to restricted data. For instance, you can’t access and edit restricted data in all the same ways you can access and edit other data. Third-party apps like Microsoft Online Tools and Google Docs/Sheets cannot be used, nor can you access restricted data from your personal devices.

The data steward will receive email alerts when someone is invited to collaborate on a restricted data folder or tries to download anything from it. In the event of a suspected breach of information, the data steward should contact the Information Security Office immediately.

Get help

The UBIT Help Center can answer questions about data security and UBbox. Just contact them by phone at 716-645-3542, or online at