Handling Data Safely

The Information Security Office has a course called Handling Data Safely in UBlearns to help UB community members who may come into contact with regulated private data. The course explain the types of data that are of concern and the regulations apply to UB. Enrollment is open to anyone at UB.

Take the Handling Data Safely Course

  1. Go to UBlearns.
  2. Click on User Login (see left side of the page) and log in.
  3. Click on the Courses tab (see upper right corner of the page).
  4. In the Course Search box (see left side of the page), type Handling Data Safely and click on the Go button.
  5. You should see the course with the name of Handling Data Safely.
  6. Under the course ID "ADM_CIO_010809 " is a small icon with two down arrows in it. Click that icon and select Enroll.
  7. Click Submit (see right side of the page).
  8. Click OK (see right side of the page). This will bring you to the course homepage.
  9. Read the text on
the homepage, and complete the course by navigating through the directions on the left-hand sidebar.

You can complete portions of the course and return at a later time. To return to the course, log into UBlearns and it should appear on your Course List on the Courses page. Simply click on Handling Data Safely to return to where you left off in the course.

For help in accessing or completing the course, contact the 
Information Security Office.