Get IT Together

"Get IT Together" banner. "Create, edit, print and share assignments, and stay in touch with classmates and professors--from anywhere."

Your work doesn’t happen in just one place or time. With UB’s technology tools, you can create, edit, print and share no matter where you are, or what device you’re using.

Your files go with you

UB students, faculty and staff have free, unlimited cloud file storage with UBbox—your files in UBbox are secure and go with you everywhere.

Download Box Drive to your desktop or laptop, and you can store, access and share files in UBbox right from your hard drive.

Your UBbox files are available on your mobile device too—just install the Box app for iOS, or the Box app for Android. You can even use your smartphone to scan paper documents to UBbox with the Capture app for iOS.

UBbox isn’t just cloud storage—it can also view and play most kinds of documents, photos, videos and audio files directly from the web. Create Google docs and sheets from UBbox, and they’ll automatically sync across UBbox and your Google Drive account.

Not only can you create new Microsoft Office files directly from your browser, you can edit them there too!

Continuous access to assignments

UBlearns keeps you connected to your classes. Download the Blackboard app for iOS, or the Blackboard app for Android, to get notifications when new assignments are posted.

You can also start group messages directly from UBlearns, to jumpstart class projects and keep everyone in the loop.

Never miss a message

UBmail for students is powered by Google, which means it’s available everywhere. Install it on your smartphone or tablet, sync it to your preferred desktop email client or check it from a web browser.

Print from anywhere

Get help when you need it

You can always get help with UB technology online through the UBIT Help Center. Visit online at, call 716-645-3542 or stop in at our north (Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary) or south (Abbott Health Sciences Library 1st Floor) campus locations.