An Overview of Printing at UB

Printing racks.

In computing sites with printing racks, a consultant will print and file your documents by the first letter of your UBITName.

UB students, faculty and staff receive a number of complementary printed pages every semester ("iprint@ub"), as well as the ability to send documents from a PC,  Mac or Unix computer to selected campus printers ("iprint anywhere"). Check with your department for any additional printing services.

How It Works

You can find more information in Step-by-Step Instructions for Printing, but the general process is:

  1. Submit a document from the Web interface, your mobile device, or a computing site
  2. Choose a printer to send your document to
  3. Select your UB Quota (or another purse, if available)
  4. "Release" (start printing) your document 
  5. Collect your document(s) at a computing site

Where Do I Go for Help?

  • For problems related to your UB Quota for Printing or print quality, approach a printing consultant if available, or contact
  • For all other printing related problems, please contact the UBIT Help Center.

Common Questions

Can I print from my mobile device?

Yes, using the free PrinterOn App.

How long do I have to release documents I've submitted from my own computer?

Twenty-four hours.

How long do I have to pick up documents I've printed?

Two days.

Can I print to any printer on campus?

Well, no, not any printer. Some departments maintain their own printers, with their own rules for who may use them and how much they may print. Check with your department for any additional printers you may use.

Do I need to install any software on my computer to print to public sites printers?

No, unless you are printing from a mobile device. There is an app for Android and iOS.

What hours is printing available?

The same hours as the computing sites where they are located, however, printers are shut down 15 minutes prior to closing.

Can Alumni, Retirees or Guests print at UB?


Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.