Heart of the Campus

International Eatery

The third phase of UB’s Heart of the Campus (HOTC-3) initiative will bring an international eatery, currently being referred to as the global market café, to one of the busiest crossroads on the North Campus in 2020.

Vote Starting March 26

Name Submission Contest ended Feb 18th. 

Come back to vote for your favorite eatery name!

Voting Open: March 26 - April 1

The new, international eatery will:

  • Meet the demand for expanded dining facilities among a growing campus population
  • Be much more than a restaurant; it will be a place for members of the campus community to meet and spend time with fellow students, faculty and friends in a global, multicultural environment
  • Present authentically prepared foods from around the world, and it is expected that different menu cycles will be offered throughout the academic year to keep the experience fresh
  • Offer opportunities to integrate impactful research being conducted at the university on issues such as sustainability, food security and food equity
  • Be designed by the UB community for the UB community

Envisioning the Project

Conceptual drawing

A transformative initiative, this international eatery will create a “front door” to the university around and under the existing overhangs of Capen Hall and the Founders Plaza courtyard between Norton Hall and Capen.

The project is envisioned creating a food “market” atmosphere and community space where students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy a diverse selection of foods from around the world in a welcoming environment.

As envisioned, the international eatery would be approximately double the size of the restaurant, dining room and kitchen area of Bert’s, the existing Campus Dining & Shops restaurant in Talbert Hall. The area would be glassed-in and accessible from the first floor of Norton; it would replace Bert’s and the New York Deli, also located in Talbert.

Moving Forward

UB is making progress on mutliple fronts towards completing the eatery in spring 2020:

  • Naming and design phase by spring 2018
  • Construction beginning summer 2018
  • Eatery opening spring 2020

Progress Highlights

Starting March 26th, UB students can vote for their favorite name for the new eatery from among those submitted. 
Cannon, a Western New York-based global design firm, was selected through a highly competitive bidding process to partner with UB on this transformative project.


We welcome your views about this project.