Institutional Analysis


The Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) has the primary institutional responsibility for the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information on the institution, its students, its faculty, its programs, its publics, its practices and its services. The office provides analytic support for the planning, evaluation and policy initiatives of the Provost and senior leadership and acts as the institution's reporting agent.

Tableau is easy-to-use business intelligence software used for data analysis, providing visual tools to help you see and understand your data. Tableau natively connects to dozens of data sources including Oracle (InfoSource) and Microsoft SQL as well as local data sources like Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Once connected to your data you use drag and drop tools to visualize and create interactive dashboards. You can then either deliver static reports to your audience via JPG, PDF or have them interact with your vizualizations using Tableau Reader, Tableau Server, Tableau Public or Tableau Online.
Gathering and measuring performance metrics across the campus
Providing analytic support for the planning, evaluation and policy initiatives of the Provost and senior leadership and acts as the institution's reporting agent.
Data Governance is the organizing framework for aligning strategy, defining objectives and establishing polices for enterprise information.  Established by the Provost, the Data Governance Council, the University at Buffalo establishes policies and guidelines for data governance and maintains a dictionary of key institutional data based on the recommendations of the Data Stewardship Committee.  The work of the DGC and DSC are guided by the principles recommend to and approved by the Provost.
Supporting the accreditation activities at the University at Buffalo.
The UB Factbook is an intensive reporting effort spanning the depth and breadth of university operations.  Its goal is to provide an interactive compendium of frequently requested official information about the institution, using definitions developed and set by UB’s data governance process.

Current subject areas include student applications, enrollment, retention, degrees and graduation rates, as well as sponsored research, employees, and tuition and fees.  Future efforts will include information on library holdings, space, budget, giving and endowments.
The Entity/Hierarchy system is the official campus system of record to identify operating elements such as units, departments, majors and  courses. It has been in existence since the early 1980's and resides on a campus mainframe. It has pervasive links  to other campus systems and is updated regularly in response to changing campus  needs.
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Institutional Analysis manages its portfolio of projects using SharePoint and Tableau.
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