Institutional Analysis Briefs deliver the results of policy-related, decision-support surveys and analyses.  They are freely distributed and include both quantitative and qualitative information on the full spectrum of institutional interests and initiatives. 

Reoccurring Surveys

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a survey specially designed for students (freshmen and seniors) to provide information about their undergraduate experience, including views about the quality of education and how they spend their time.
The annual survey collects baseline information on freshmen’s social and academic backgrounds, college choice issues, and plans for their UB careers and beyond.
Prior to entry, newly accepted transfer students for fall semester are asked to complete the New Transfer Student Survey as they complete other on-line forms. It provides information on their enrollment at previous institutions and their activities while attending those institutions.
The Non-Credit Instructional Activities Survey (NCIA) collects information on non-state supported activities held from September to the following August of each year. 
The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) jointly conduct an annual national survey of graduate students and postdoctorates in science and engineering fields. 
The SUNY Student Opinion Survey (SOS) is administered every three years to all SUNY undergraduates.  The purpose of this survey is to help UB assess various areas of the campus community, atmosphere, facilities, and academic experiences.

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