James Campbell tells ABC News that Trump's treatment of women has led to a large gender gap.


A story in The New York Times about Prince's death quotes Torin Finver, who says it's easier to overdose on fentanyl than other opiates.


Melissa Rayhill is quoted in Reuters about a new study that shows women who suffer from migraines may be at an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.


An Associated Press story about a Baltimore police officer facing the most serious charge in the death of Freddie Gray quotes Guyora Binder.


Anthony Szczygiel is quoted in the Los Angeles Times about the battle between ailing media mogul Sumner Redstone and his protege Philippe Dauman.


USA Today looks at the role of culture and the medical system when it comes to celebrity deaths and quotes Richard Blondell and Torin Finver.


CBS News reports on a UB study that found men's prowess as storytellers to be a big factor in their perceived attractiveness.


James Campbell says Clinton must unite a divided Democratic party in ABC News.


CNBC's The Rundown interviews Jacob Neiheisel about the stark differences between Clinton and Trump.


The Washington Post quotes Samantha Barbas, who says the media can't be as confident as they once were in this day and age.


An article in USA Today on the history of scary clowns and why they give people the creeps quotes Andrew Stott.


James Campbell is quoted by Vox about forecasting models and their reliability.


Inside Higher Ed reports this fall UB will unveil the UB Curriculum, a revamped general education program.


The Washington Post reports on UB geologists making their own lava to study the interaction between lava and water.


The Huffington Post reports on research by UB geologists who are making their own lava.


Steven Dubovsky discusses the difficulty of preventing terrorists from striking within the U.S. in Newsday.


ABC News quotes James Campbell about well-known Republicans leaving the party because of Trump's ascension.