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Is it better to give than to receive? Not only does it feel good but it may stave off death.
UB research demonstrates why "comfort food" is a good way to describe this kind of nourishment. Hint: it's because of a specific connection we make when we eat it.
Everyone reacted differently to the U.S Postal Service's announcement. A UB professor talks about what his students' reactions were.
Since individuals often visit their dentists more than their doctors, UB’s dental school dean is encouraging the trend of having clinic patients checked for hypertension, diabetes and HIV by UB SDM faculty and students
UB sets out to study a particular kind of building and its possible vulnerability to earthquakes.
For heavy drinkers, one extra might help reduce violent behavior.

Business First's ranking of the 200 most influential people in Western New York includes Satish Tripathi ranking at No. 7 on the list.