UB President Satish K. Tripathi was interviewed on WBFO-FM about a new study that shows SUNY is critical to the economic future of New York State. The report, he says, makes a good case for lawmakers to pass UB 2020.
An editorial in the Buffalo News praises passage of the NYSUNY 2020 bill and all the individuals and institutions that contributed to the legislation. "It's been a long road, first surveyed several years ago by [UB]. Now all of upstate will benefit from the leadership of the Western New York delegation and that of the entire community. And, in the end, the governor's leadership. This is a success story that should be celebrated," the editorial notes.
Elayne Rapping, professor emeritus of American studies, is quoted in an article on Politico about President Barack Obama's loss of "coolness." "The persona that Obama likes is when everyone sees him as this very hip guy shooting hoops and all that," she said. "Now he's playing golf with John Boehner, which is about the most uncool thing there is." The article also appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
From the Wall Street Journal to the Chronicle of Higher Education, a number of articles reported the passage of NYSUNY 2020 legislation authorizing all SUNY campuses to implement a rational tuition plan that gives campuses the ability to raise tuition up to $300 annually for five years. In an interview with the Buffalo News, UB president, Satish K. Tripathi, was quoted as being "very happy" with the measures included in the bill.
An article in The New York Times about a 30-ton bronze statue of Alexander the Great that was installed in Skopje, Macedonia, as a symbol of national pride quotes Vasiliki Neofotistos, assistant professor of anthropology who is studying identity politics in that Balkan nation.
Elayne Rapping, professor emeritus of American studies, is quoted in an article in the New York Post about disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner buying flowers, presumably for his wife, outside their Queens home. "It's ridiculous, and it could make her angrier," Rapping said.
A story on MSNBC about how stress affects the body reports UB researchers monitoring 2,398 people found that those who'd experienced some adversity scored higher on measures of mental health and life satisfaction than those who'd seen either high levels of adversity or none at all. The article quotes psychologist Mark Seery.
An article in USA Today about the competition among U.S. colleges and universities for students overseas quotes Joseph Hindrawan, associate vice provost for international education, who said that unlike some schools, UB prefers to recruit international students directly rather than use an agent for referrals.
An article in the Wall Street Journal about disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner suggests memorable names can be both a blessing and a curse, and notes that in a widely cited paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, UB researchers found that people were more likely to choose professions with names that are similar to their own first names.
A Q&A on CNBC interviews Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science, about Americans who are moving to states where there are opportunities for higher income growth and lower taxes, and whether the trend could have national or local implications in the 2012 election and beyond.
An article on CBC News about the behavioral differences between how men and women use Facebook quotes Michael Stefanone, assistant professor of communication, who said interactions on Facebook aren't that different than those in real life.
An article on UPI reports that a study by researchers from the Research Institute on Addictions has found that music-makers who consume energy drinks are more likely to be binge drinkers and misuse prescription drugs.
An article in the Fresno Bee about "extreme shoppers" who scour the Internet for creative ways to use coupons that can significantly cut shopping bills quotes Arun Jain, professor of marketing research, who said stores hate the practice.
Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science, is quoted in an article in the New York Post about George Mason University's biannual "Freedom in the States" rankings that put New York at No. 50. The state, he said, has the opportunity to improve its freedom ranking, thanks to actions taken this year by Gov. Cuomo and the state legislature. An article also appeared in the Huffington Post.
An article distributed by HealthDay News reports a study conducted by Denise Feda, a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Pediatrics, has found that providing children with more toys to play with may improve their level of physical activity. Articles also appeared in iVillage Health, Newsday and MSN Health.