An article in the Aug. 31 issue of the Denver Post on the fine line between "experts" and "celebrities" looks at celebrity endorsements of politicians and quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who says "some stars and pundits know quite a bit; some are really dumb, just like the rest of us."
Articles about a study conducted by David Sandberg, associate professor of psychiatry and pediatrics, which showed that extra-short children and adolescents are just as well-adjusted socially as their taller peers, has appeared in more than 130 different news outlets, including Reuters, The Washington Post and Yahoo!News.
An article in USA Today reports that U.S. graduate schools saw a 28 percent decline in applications from international students and an 18 percent drop in admissions. The article quotes Stephen Dunnett, vice provost for international education, who says that if international student enroll elsewhere, "we lose the opportunity to influence a new generation of foreign leaders."
An article in today's issue of The New York Times reports on a new study conducted at UB that showed that, contrary to common belief, short people do not suffer a greater share of social problems than people of ordinary size, and that being short is not a serious social liability for children.
A new UB study that counters the prevailing belief that children and adolescents who are extra short have social adjustment problems and fewer friends than children of average height was featured on National Public Radio's weekly news quiz show "Wait, WaitÂ…Don't Tell Me."
An article in this week's issue of Time magazine reports on the opening of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, which tells the story of indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere from their point of view, and quotes a UB associate professor of art history, who guest curated an exhibit in the museum.
An article in the Sept. 24 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education on colleges and universities that are actively recruiting television reality shows to come to their campuses in exchange for increased name recognition quotes Dennis Black, vice president for student affairs, on the positive experience UB had when MTV filmed "Sorority Life" and "Fraternity Life" featuring UB students in 2002.
An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on efforts by that region's dominant grocery store to launch a new private-label brand aimed directly at discount shoppers quotes Arun K. Jain, professor and chair of marketing, who says if people like the private-label products, it builds customer loyalty and encourage people to shop in that particular store
An article on CBS Marketwatch reports on business-school rankings to be published next week by The Wall Street Journal, which ranks the UB School of Management No. 15 among regional schools based on a survey of schools' appeal to MBA recruiters.
An article in today's issue of USA Today reports a U.S.-born detainee in the war on terror will be sent home to Saudi Arabia without facing charges in the U.S., and quotes Lee Albert, professor of law, who said releasing the man reflects "a legal strategy that lacks coherence."
An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the intertwined nature of politics and TV, and the impact a heatedly partisan election is having on television shows, quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who says the most-influential late-night presence may be Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."
An article distributed by Reuters appeared today in a number of outlets throughout the world, including Yahoo! News and the Los Angeles Times, and reports on UB research that found that obese children as young as seven already have the beginnings of artery disease.