An article in the current issue of Scientific American looks at the high-tech apparel swimmers will be wearing in the Olympics, and describes UB's contribution to a suit produced by Tyr. The article quotes David Pendergast, professor of physiology and biophysics and an inventor of the Aqua Shift suit, which was tested in UB's Center for Research and Education in Special Environments.
An article in today's issue of The Christian Science Monitor looks at the latest in sports science and technology for the Olympic Games, including a swimsuit manufactured by Tyr, which applied UB research into its design of the new Aqua Shift swimsuit to reduce drag and improve swimmers' time.
An Associated Press article reports on a new book that is stretching the "chick lit" genre of literature with its close-up view of the world of hip-hop, and quotes Elayne Rapping, UB professor of American studies and a pop-culture expert, who calls chick lit an offshoot of romance novels.
An article in the Baltimore Sun on Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and his low-slung swimwear quotes David Pendergast, professor of physiology and biophysics, who discusses the impact drag has on a swimmer and speculates that the way Phelps wears his suit may serve as a form of drag-reducing technology.
An article published on Aug. 31 by Bloomberg News Service reports that eight forecasting models are unanimous in predicting President George W. Bush will defeat Democrat John Kerry in the presidential election, and quotes a UB political scientist, who says the hunt for Osama bin Laden and discontent over the war in Iraq are among the wild cards that may muddle the modeling.