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If students sign up and take their academics seriously, they'll finish in four years or we'll pay tuition for any additional courses, says UB's Andrew Stott.


The human logo symbolizes, for each student, joining together as part of the UB community, says UB's Dennis Black.


By making this costume, says UB's Jonathan Katz, there's a real danger that a serious issue is trivialized.


The tech industry is a barometer of economic innovation, says UB's Cristian Tiu, and therefore its success is an indicator of general economic success.


UB's Michelle Benson says it's tough to know how credible any agreement with North Korea is given the history of their leader.


UB's Nellie Drew says that the argument could be made that certain college football programs are employment relationships.


The $16 million grant to UB from the National Institutes of Health "helps magnify our national impact."


The content on Wikipedia is "obviously just vandalism" according to UB's Adam Wilson.


UB's Vanessa Barnabei guesses that women are going to have to work hard to find providers that are willing to cover this new drug.


It takes time for doctors to accurately diagnose hypoactive sexual desire disorder, says UB's Vanessa Barnabei, and busy ob-gyns don't want to spend that time.

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