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An op-ed on CNN by Arun Vishwanath suggests there is a need to construct a cyberwall against hackers to protect people from cyberattacks.


The Buffalo News reports on the work of Jonathan Lovell and the promising biotech companies he has co-founded.


James Campbell is quoted in ABC about the increased importance of votes being cast late in the primary process.


The Washington Post reports on what hiring managers can learn from the NFL Draft based on research by Timothy Maynes.


Nellie Drew weighs in on Tom Brady's suspension being reinstated in the Los Angeles Times.


James Campbell weighs in on the pros and cons of picking a VP candidate early on ABC News.


Guyora Binder is quoted in USA Today about police violence and an agreement by Cleveland to pay the family of Tamir Rice.


An Associated Press story about the rift between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan quotes Paul Telsuk about employees trusting their employers.


The New York Times quotes Robert Silverman about housing segregation and a court case in Long Island.


An article by Jacob Neiheisel on FiveThirtyEight looks at the culture of intolerance among voters in general.