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UB's expertise in advanced manufacturing gives it a good shot at becoming one of the 25 schools chosen, says Kemper Lewis, professor and chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering.


UB expert discusses what has made the technique so successful.


"In survey after survey, employers say they look to hire workers who can analyze carefully, think creatively and communicate effectively -- precisely the traits of a liberal arts graduate," says UB Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences E. Bruce Pitman.


UB biochemist weighs in on amphetamine-like substance that has never been tested in humans found in a range of diet pills and sports supplements.


“Students are investing in their education with the predictable tuition program,” says UB President Satish K. Tripathi.


Local governments need to pay more attention to providing residents with healthy food, says UB urban planner.


People’s favorite comfort foods are often the same meals that loved ones cooked for them when they were children.


Buffalo-area doctors have created a scholarship program to encourage UB medical school students to stay here after graduation.


New research out of UB suggests people become happier and more satisfied with their lives because they become more trusting as they age.


“All good, comprehensive universities are trying to improve and be more effective and have a bigger impact on the economy,” says Venu Govindaraju. “The approach that most universities probably are taking, and UB is for sure, is let us look at our strengths.”

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