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The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership will receive a share of the competition’s $1 million award.


Study examines Boston Marathon bombing, Hurricane Sandy; also finds most users fail to correct misinformation.


A new protein analysis tool developed at the University at Buffalo could increase the quality and accuracy of medical diagnosis and quicken the pace of pharmaceutical development.


Her former colleagues honored her for her discovery of an important new fossil location in remote Tibet.



A group of University at Buffalo students in a political communication class has launched an online campaign called #holdmediaaccountable. The goal?  To call attention to the profiteering by media companies selling access to Americans and the threat that poses to democracy.


New technology could one day lead to portable drug detectors.


Low-cost device — shaped like a birdhouse — could help provide drinking water to people affected by natural disasters.


The advancement could streamline and boost scientific research all over the world, help computing industry.


The grants bring UB’s total to five this year, a sign the university is recruiting top-flight early-career faculty.


Young tech companies Bak USA and Thimble will join ISEP, Say Yes Buffalo and others to excite children about science, engineering.