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UB RENEW Fellows spend 80 percent of their time working in City Hall.


The unmanned mission — still in the early planning stages — could include an orbiter and lander.


The vehicle advances New York State as a hub for autonomous vehicle research.


Olli is UB’s first self-driving vehicle, and researchers will demonstrate its capabilities Thursday.


The center will use the awards to purchase advanced computing equipment that will more than triple its computing power.


A quick internet search for recordings of humpback whale song can find tens of thousands, if not millions, of visits, leading you to ask, “Who doesn’t love listening to whale song?” One answer might be “whales.”


UB runs blast tests to simulate violent phenomena that occur during volcanic eruptions, drawing scientists from all over the world.


Study suggests that a gene encoding a viral protein has been carefully preserved in Myotis bats for millions of years.


Like the state animal of New York, the rover-like vehicle uses surroundings to build complex structures, overcome obstacles.


Study finds the grain an ideal and safe contrast agent for diagnosing swallowing disorders.