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Membranes that separate carbon dioxide from other emissions could help slow the pace of climate change.


One of five jobs in Western New York are in industries with ties to clean energy, yet 54% of workers in clean energy industries are aged 45 or older.


Deepfakes pose a disinformation threat capable of disrupting the 2020 election, Doermann says.


Stuart Evans researches how airborne sediments can impact climate, influencing patterns of precipitation and drought.


The grants, which total $4.5 million, show that UB is recruiting the very best early-career faculty.


The course is intended for software developers, entrepreneurs, students, senior managers and more.


The Goldwater is the premier scholarship in the U.S. for undergraduate students pursuing research careers in STEM fields.


A study of 46 mammal species explores the evolutionary history of amylase, a compound that breaks down carbs.


‘Kevin’ is among the Graduate School of Education’s artificial intelligence tutors that can help in many educational scenarios.


There are now six startups partnering with the institute, which is advancing Buffalo Niagara as a hub for personalized medicine and bioinformatics.