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Membrane-less organelles, found inside human cells, have a variety of important biological functions, from gene regulation to stress response.


The technology could improve safety for drivers and pedestrians, researchers say.


A new study illuminates the avocado’s family history and lays the foundation for the species’ improvement.


Engineers report advancements in radiative cooling in a new study in Nature Sustainability.


The $528,000 grant, awarded to UB RENEW scientist Kang Sun, will examine levels of nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, formaldehyde and other pollutants.


UB researchers have received a record 11 National Science Foundation CAREER awards in 2019, along with a U.S. presidential early career award.


David Lacy is developing cheaper, more sustainable alternatives to ruthenium-based compounds used in industry.


Lab work, ethics and social media are all on the agenda, with the goal of helping students become well-rounded scientists.


He is a co-holder of five U.S. patents and four pending applications, and a co-author of more than 240 research publications.


At Bell Aerosystems in Western New York, Mollendorf worked on the ascent engine that helped U.S. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin get off the moon.