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The compound’s promising electroactive properties make it an ideal candidate material for redox flow batteries.


Gold tab attached to skin converts mechanical energy into juice for wearables, self-powered electronics.


The plant, called the Niagara Resource Recovery Facility, turns municipal solid waste into steam and electricity.


Director of UB’s RENEW Institute and SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Goyal was cited for advances in materials science and superconducting materials.


Differences in skull shape and function across carnivorans stem not just from diet, as has long been observed, but also from a range of environmental factors.


Ferric Contrast, Neurovascular Diagnostics and Sunny Clean Water have each won awards of about $225,000.


Researchers to pioneer case study method to help students prepare for bias, inequity.


Project will lay the foundation for understanding how lake effect snowfall could change in a warming world.


Nickell — a former stage magician and private detective — has a long track record of debunking paranormal events.


The NIH award will enable the company to add jobs, develop high throughput techniques for conducting multiple screenings quickly and efficiently.