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Corporate partners will work to implement viable student proposals for reducing their carbon footprint.


UB’s Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE), the business outreach arm for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, managed course production.


The company, co-founded by a UB chemist, is developing new contrast agents for MRI diagnostics.


Three UB faculty members – Anthony Campagnari, Gary Giovino and John Richard – have been named State University of New York Distinguished Professors, the highest faculty rank in the SUNY system.


Inspired by animals and buoyed by advancements in computing and sensing, teams of autonomous robots could alleviate future housing needs.


Exactly how jaw joints work – and how the myriad other bones and joints in the body, human and otherwise, do their work, also known as biomechanics — is the subject of National Biomechanics Day, which will be celebrated at UB on April 12.


Research assesses how large-scale patterns of brain activity could vary between cognitive systems and across people.


The material could help reduce utility bills, improve energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings.


Timothy Cook will design self-assembling molecules and work with K-12 science teachers to create 3-D printed magnetic structures that self-assemble in the classroom.


A UB study uncovers a complex story that hints at how adaptable — yet delicate — we are as a species.