Natural Disasters

News about UB’s research and advocacy in extreme events and disaster response. (see all topics)


But other parts of these Caribbean ecosystems continue to decline, and one species cannot simply replace the other, says UB researcher.


Inspired by animals and buoyed by advancements in computing and sensing, teams of autonomous robots could alleviate future housing needs.


Junior architecture students developed their own laufmaschines in studio  to research issues of personal transportation, climate resilience and structural techniques.


States such as Alabama, Ohio and Pennsylvania received more than their fair share in 2014, according to new model, while Florida, Texas and others were shortchanged.


Students present ideas to the Army Corps of Engineers, Seneca Nation of Indians and other stakeholders.


With new NSF funding, researchers will work to integrate citizen science data into the National Water Model


Study reveals new forecast model, which suggests some energy providers may be underestimating future electricity demands.


A three-year effort between UB researchers and NYSERDA has produced three reports that provide information and strategies for everyone from architects and engineers to state and federal policymakers.


UB runs blast tests to simulate violent phenomena that occur during volcanic eruptions, drawing scientists from all over the world.