Natural Disasters

News about UB’s research and advocacy in extreme events and disaster response. (see all topics)


Faculty members from the UB’s School of Social Work will join colleagues from 10 SUNY campuses in various disciplines and five not-for-profit organizations to work on an innovative project to create a sustainable village and learning community in the town of Arcahaie, Haiti.


Geocove helps governments and businesses by solving the problem of ‘where’?


Hot and dry weather after wildfires leads to decreased plant diversity, a concern for California and other areas, study finds.


Inspired by bird and insect behavior, engineers create software designed to enable teams of common UAVs to work together.


The device could aid people lacking drinking water and those affected by natural disasters.


The invention, under development by a PhD candidate, would sit underground to not block water views.


Events like Hurricane Sandy and "Snowvember" suggest that building design in New York State needs to shift to address varying weather patterns caused by climate change, UB research group says.


Research will study the interaction between water and lava — common in nature, but poorly understood.


As a political issue, climate change splits mostly along ideological lines in the U.S. However, a new UB study suggests that tailoring the message might influence opinions toward the scientific consensus.


Study suggests that pyroclastic flows traveled in dense, slow-moving currents during one ancient supereruption.