Faculty Research Areas

Faculty Books

Major Fields of Study

Aesthetics Jorge Gracia, Alexandra King, Carolyn Korsmeyer

Analytic Metaphysics David Braun, Maureen DonnellyJorge Gracia, David Hershenov, Barry Smith, Neil Williams

Epistemology James Beebe, Ryan Muldoon

    Metaethics Alexandra King, Devlin Russell
    Normative Ethics Nicolas Bommarito, Alexandra King, Ryan Muldoon
    Applied Ethics  David Hershenov (Bioethics)

Logic David Braun, Maureen Donnelly, John Kearns, Neil Williams

Philosophy of Cognitive Science James BeebeDavid Braun

Philosophy of Language David Braun, John Kearns, Lewis Powell

Philosophy of Mind David Braun, Lewis Powell, Devlin RussellNeil Williams

Philosophy of Science Ryan Muldoon, Neil Williams

Social and Political Philosophy  James Lawler, Ryan Muldoon, Barry Smith

Special Areas of Research Interest

Applied Ontology Thomas E. Bittner, Maureen Donnelly, Barry Smith

Asian Philosophy Nicolas Bommarito, Kah Kyung Cho

Causation and Causal Powers Neil Williams

East-West Comparative Philosophy Nicolas Bommarito, Kah Kyung Cho

Experimental Philosophy James Beebe, Ryan Muldoon

Time and Persistence Maureen Donnelly

Moral Psychology James Beebe, Nicolas Bommarito

Philosophy of Action Devlin Russell 

Philosophy of Biomedicine David Hershenov, Barry Smith

Philosophy of Religion James BeebeDavid Hershenov

Race, Ethnicity, Diversity Jorge Gracia, Ryan Muldoon

Speech Act Theory David Braun, John Kearns, Barry Smith

History of Philosophy

Faculty in the Department cover all major periods in the history of philosophy, with special focus on the following areas:

Chinese Philosophy Kah Kyung Cho

Early Modern Philosophy Lewis Powell

French and German Philosophy Kah Kyung Cho, James Lawler

Hispanic and Latin-American Philosophy Jorge Gracia

Medieval Philosophy Jorge Gracia