Graduate Student Publications


This page contains a selection of publications authored by UB Philosophy graduate students who are currently enrolled or recently graduated.

On this page:

Recent and forthcoming publications by our graduate students.

Francesco Franda

Co-authored publication:  "SNOMED CT standard ontology based on the ontology for general medical science", BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making18:76

David G. Limbaugh

"The Harm of Medical Disorder as Harm in the Damage Sense," Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. (Forthcoming)

Co-Authors: David G. Limbaugh and Robert Kelly

"Libet and Freedom in a Mind-Haunted World," American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience. (forthcoming).

Jake Monaghan

“On Enforcing Unjust Laws in a Just Society," Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming)

“The Special Moral Obligations of Law Enforcement," The Journal of Political Philosophy 25 (2017): 218-37.

 “Biological Ties and Biological Accounts of Moral Status," The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (forthcoming).

Killing in Self-Defense and the Case for Biocentric Individualism," Environmental Values (forthcoming).

“Epistemic Closure in Folk Epistemology" (with James R. Beebe), in Oxford Studies in Experimental Epistemology, Joshua Knobe, Tania Lombrozo, and Shaun Nichols (eds.) (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Ariane Nomikos

“Place Matters”, Journal of Aesthetic and Art Criticism, Vol. 76:4 “Environmental Aesthetics and Ethics: At the Intersection.” (Fall, 2018)