This Week's Alumni Spotlight...

Dan Shanahan.

Dan Shanahan

Graduating Class (Year): 2011

What you are up to now?

Artistic Director of Torn Space Theater and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurism

What led you into arts management?

I wanted to transfer an artistic vision into a structured organization. I wanted to understand how an organizational structure could be developed and expanded. Ultimately, I wanted to understand how management could support the artistic process.

Most memorable experience in the Program?

The study abroad experience at the The Venice Biennale. It was the perfect introduction to the program.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

That it is really important to listen to the leaders of organizations to understand what they are experiencing on the ground level. Obviously you need to know the theory and the principals. But you need to understand and appreciate the context so you see how everything really works. 

Advice for current/prospective students?

The Arts Management Program provides a wide perspective on the field; from cultural policy, to management principles, to fundraising, to networking, to organizational structure. The process of managing an arts organization is messy and complicated and challenging and you need a core set of principals to guide you. This is a dynamic field and an essential one. This program prepares you to navigate and to excel.  

From an alum...

The process of managing an arts organization is messy and complicated and challenging and you need a core set of principals to guide you. This is a dynamic field and an essential one. This program prepares you to navigate and to excel.  

Dan Shanahan.

Featured Alumni

The UB Arts Management program has students located around the globe working at universities, in arts organizations, at support organizations and arts councils, and in related fields.  Here are a few alum stories to see what you could do with a degree from UB!

"I was interested in strengthening my experience in the field and firming up my career path by identifying exactly what I wanted to do. My BA was okay as a spring-board into my career, but I felt I needed something to excel my passion. The UB Arts Management Program would provide me a more defined path to reach my career goals and I was ready for that next step."
"I really wanted to work at an art museum and I was not getting any traction applying to jobs at art museums with my BA in Print Journalism. I thought that a master's in Arts Management would help me break into the field, and I was right!"
"The program highlighted the delicate act of managing an artistic product that does not adhere to a standard economic model. At the same time the program placed a high importance on networking, and made sure opportunities were always available to meet leaders in the field."
"The Program helped prepare me for my career by empowering me with the resources to think independently and speak authoritatively on social matters. Additionally, the diversity of the coursework helped to sharpen my professional acumen."
"I am a Fulbright Scholar from Costa Rica and my advisor really recommended UB for the quality of the school and the support they offer to their students. They also have always had a great relationship with the UB Arts Management Program in the past due to the quality and the curriculum, so they recommended that I take their offer."
"I entered the arts management program after graduation, and was able to explore the field through the curriculum and fieldwork. My first job out of the program was in the development department at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, where I honed my skills in museum fundraising, marketing and event fundraising."
"It is important to have a broad view to thrive in this quickly changing environment. To this end, it is worthwhile to explore different disciplines and formulate your own values and direction which will lead you to a better possibility in the field where you want to work."
"The Arts Management program at UB offered an arts management program filtered through an international lens, where the focus was not on churning out administrators, but rather nurturing thinkers, creators and problem solvers."
"Arts Management is a wonderful program. Take advantage of all the UB has to offer and apply it to the program learning."
"My biggest advice for students would be to really soak up all of the site visits, trips, and experiential learning that the program offers. These opportunities are incredibly unique and so valuable."
"I had three years full-time experience at an arts/educational non-profit when I decided to pursue an advanced degree and the arts management curriculum focused on aspects of running a non-profit that I lacked experience in. I felt it was important to have broad knowledge of different aspects of your career field."