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UB Arts Management students during their workshop at SOCIÉTÉ DES ARTS TECHNOLOGIQUES, Fall 2016.

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Events

For more information on events, please contact the Program.

December 5-6: Erick Lyle


Erick Lyle is a writer, activist, and editor who edited the book, Streetopia. Streetopia is a collection of art, photos, essays, interviews and speeches from a 2012 exhibition and festival of the same name in San Francisco, which Lyle helped to curate. The festival took place at multiple sites and featured the work of more than 80 artists, and hosted lectures, film screenings, and workshops. The concept of the festival was to create a utopian city. Lyle told the New York Times in April 2012, "What we’re talking about with this show is art that will improve the neighborhood instead of creating art for a future imagined neighborhood. . . I think the conversation has to be about what are we doing for the people that are already here."

February 26-March 1: Washington, DC

Museums Advocacy Day

The UB Arts Management Program first year cohort will travel to Washington, DC to participate in the full itinerary of Museums Advocacy Day.  During the 27th and 28th, students will participate in advocacy training sessions with museum directors and employees from all over America before they take to Capitol Hill to make their pitch to Congress. 

March 5-12: Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nelles

Fossil Futures: Decolonizing Dinosaur Science

Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nelles are two Berlin-based artists working together as a collective. Their recent project, "The Other Nefertiti" involved the pair scanning the Nefertiti bust at the Neues Museum in Berlin, and releasing the 3D dataset to the public. Techne is proud to annouce their 2017 residency.

More about this project: With regard to the notion of belonging and possession of material objects of other cultures, the artists intention is to make cultural objects publicly accessible and to promote a contemporary and critical approach on how the "Global North" deals with heritage and the representation of "the Other". The work also questions originality and singularity of those diasporic objects: "We should tell stories of entanglement and Nefertiti is a great case to start with to tell stories from very different angles and to see how they intertwine."

Nora Al-Badri: Jan Nelles:

April 8-16: Christian Giriat

Finnegan's Waves: A Reading Machine

Details about Finnegans Waves, a Techne sponsored residency and project, will be updated as they are confirmed.  

Based in Avignon and Lyon, Christian Giriat is artist and director. He is one of the founding members of the Théâtre Mobile - France. He has staged more than thirty plays by French and international playwrights. His latest productions are Night Sings its Songs by Jon Fosse and Homme sans But by Arne Lygre. Together with the visual artist and choreographer Catherine Crochet, he was in residence at the Flaxart Studio in Belfast (Northern Ireland) in 2006 and 2007 and has been going back to work there on a regular basis for his last work An Eyeless City. He has been co-designer with Franck Bauchard and Emmanuel Guez in 2011 of Finnegans Rupture(s) full and continuous reading of Finnegans Wake written by James Joyce. He is artistic advisor at the "Centre National des Ecritures du Spectacle" - La Chartreuse of Villeneuve Lez Avignon.

Finnegans project - Vichy          Finnegans project In la Chartreuse

April 19-28: Joyce Hinterding and David Haines

Invisible Energies

David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, live and work in the Blue Mountains of Australia. They maintain independent practices and also collaborate on large-scale art works that explore diverse subject matter, often with a focus on revealing the unseen and the unheard. These works often incorporate Joyce’s investigations into energetic forces and David’s concern with the intersection of hallucination and the environment. Their recent work with gaming technologies produced Monocline, White cube and the The Outlands, an interactive projection work that won the Anne Landa Award for Video and New Media Arts, Art Gallery of NSW, (2011). These works invite visitors to take control and conduct their own voyage through digital and sonic environments of virtual forests, islands and futuristic interiors. David and Joyce have a long standing engagement with sound in installation and performance. Techne is proud to annouce their residency in April 2017.

May 2017: Paris and Marseille

We are in the midst of planning and confirming our programming for the 2017 summer abroad in Paris and Marseille. Stay tuned for details!