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Our students have a great opportunity to participate at UB beyond the classroom. We encourage departments to challenge work-study students with meaningful tasks and allow them to be part of the team.

Advertise a Job For a Work-Study Student

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Hire a Work-Study Student

Onboarding Process Changes

Due to the ongoing pandemic, HR has made changes to the onboarding process for college work-study students. We are asking that departments upload the completed College Work Study Appointment Form to the designated UBbox folder and indicate if the student is a reappointment or a new hire.

Onboarding Process for College Work-Study Students

1. The campus department will provide HR with the student’s completed appointment form

  • Indicate on the form if the student is being reappointed (within one year) or newly hired
  • Upload completed appointment form to:  UB HR CWS Sensitive Box Folder

2. HR will send an email to newly hired CWS students that includes:

  • New hire paperwork
  • Instructions to submit this paperwork to UB Box

HR will not send any communication to reappointed students as their paperwork will be on file

3. Newly hired students do not need to call HR or visit our office

  • All paperwork and the I-9 verification will be completed online
  • HR will need to view the original documents the student will use for the I-9
  • If the student does not have the original documents he/she will be unable to work until original documents are presented

Students will have one appointment form from Financial Aid and can work for only one department. Complete each item in the list of transactions:  

Required Documentation
Transaction Description and Form
Sign the student's college work-study acceptance form The prospective student employee brings the authorization letter to you
Complete Employment Eligibility Form (I-9) Eligibility Verification Form
Complete Tax Withholding Forms

State: IT-2014

State Withholding Exemption: IT-2014E

State Nonresidency Cert: IT-2014.1

Federal: W-4

Encourage student to request direct deposit State Direct Deposit Request

Oath of Office. Biographic Data and Verification of First Day of Work are not required transactions

Change a Work-Study Student's Status

To terminate or transfer a work-study student to another department, complete and submit the Transfer/Change form to:

Dana Moore
State Payroll
University at Buffalo
Townsend Hall
205 Hayes Road
Buffalo, NY 14214

Manage Work-Study Time Sheets

To ensure timely payment, student assistant and work study timesheets should be approved by supervisors no later than 12:00pm on the Tuesday following the close of the pay period.  If timesheets are approved after that time, payment may be delayed and issued in a later paycheck

Get Help

Financial Aid

1Capen Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: 716-645-8232; Fax: 716-645-6566


Faculty, Staff, TA/GA, Hourly Non-Student and Student Assistant Payroll

If Last Name Starts A - CH

Katie Cartwright.

Katie Cartwright

State Payroll Services

Phone: 645-5347


If Last Name Starts D- Gi

Kathy Pohlman.

Kathy Pohlman

State Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-5202


If Last Name Starts GL - K

Roseann Brzozowiec.

Roseann Brzozowiec

State Payroll Services

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If Last Name Starts L - NORD

Suzie Frank.

Suzie Frank

State Payroll Services

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If Last Name Starts NORE - SHEO

Cheryl Delano.

Cheryl Delano

State Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-4446


If Last Name Starts SHEP - YH

Joanne Intorre.

Joanne Intorre

State Payroll Services

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If Last Name Starts Ci-Cz; Yi - Z

Melissa Barone.

Melissa Barone

State Payroll Services

Phone: 716-645-4445


State Appointment Processing

Angela Kuc.

Angela Kuc

State Appointment Processing

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Lisa Battle.

Lisa Battle

State Appointment Processing

Phone: 716-645-8156


Erin Reese.

Erin Reese

State Appointment Processing

Phone: 645-4450


Elizabeth Wolf.

Elizabeth Wolf

State Appointment Processing

Phone: 716-645-4428