Infants (6 weeks - 18 months)

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The infant staff at the University at Buffalo Child Care Center is dedicated to providing a welcoming and nurturing environment to all children and their families. Each room at our two facilities is staffed with three permanent teachers who are glad to answer your questions and address your concerns. Feel free to ask! If you need more time, you may schedule some time to talk alone with your child’s lead teacher.

To maximize the quality of care we provide your child, we ask parents to fill out a daily sheet for your child so we are able to provide individualized, quality care throughout the day.

We are aware that the most important people in an infant’s life are his/her family. UBCCC has an Open Door Policy, which means you are always welcome to stop in and visit.

UBCCC provides iron-fortified formula, cereal and jar food (Gerber 2nd Foods) for the meals we serve to infants in our care who are not yet on whole milk or table food.

We support and welcome your choice to breastfeed your baby!  

Our structured nap time is usually from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. However, the time is flexible according to the needs of the children each day and can be earlier or later than planned. Children who are not sleeping are able to continue on with daily activities.

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Daily schedules are flexible and subject to change based on the ages and developmental needs of the children in the classroom. Any times listed are general, and allow time for transition and self-selected activities. Meals are served family style and children are encouraged to serve themselves, clean up and develop other self-help skills.

Information for Nursing Mothers

A key advantage of the UBCCC is the extra support we can offer nursing mothers! Our locations are located near your UB office. We have convenient parking and offer a soothing, private, and comfortable environment to feed your child – a helping hand for new mothers returning from maternity leave.

UBCCC has been designated by the New York State Department of Health Child and Adult Food Care Program as a Breastfeeding-Friendly Child Care Center.

Where can I find more information on Breastfeeding?

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