Administration & Staff

UBCCC Teachers

  • The professional staff of the University at Buffalo Child Care Center promotes the physical, intellectual, communicative, social, cultural and emotional well being of each child. Our staff of lead teachers and teachers are carefully recruited and screened. All are qualified by education and experience.
  • Substitute teachers are carefully supervised additions to the staff of the center. College students often act as interns or participate because of classroom assignments. All substitute teachers, work study students and interns are screened and subject to the same NYS OCFS requirements as are permanent staff members.

Administrative Staff & Support Personnel

  • The Executive Director is responsible for all financial, operational, and strategic decision making.
  • The Directors of UBCCC are responsible for all aspects of the management of each center, including: children’s health and safety, staffing, program and counsel for parents. The director’s paramount responsibility at all times is the physical, emotional and psychological safety and welfare of the children enrolled in each center. In addition, the directors work with all staff members to coordinate and integrate educational activities into the full program and work together to foster an atmosphere of goodwill, open communication and teamwork.
  • The Assistant Directors are responsible for enrollment of the centers as well as scheduling staff members. They also manage the Administrative Assistants and food service personnel.
  • The Administrative Assistants assist in the daily operation of UBCCC, including managing the front desk, monitoring child attendance and maintaining required paperwork so that the center remains in compliance with OCFS, NAEYC and QualityStarsNY.
  • Each center has Food Service Personnel who prep daily meals, maintain the kitchen environment, order food and center health & safety supplies, and maintain the paperwork for our CACFP grant. They also plan our Breakfast, Lunch and Snack menu.