Toddlers (18 months - 36 months)

The children in the “Toddler World” classrooms range in age from 18 months to three years old and are cared for by three teachers. Activity centers are set up in classrooms, allowing the children to choose activities which suit their own development, learning styles, interests and needs.

Photo of toddlers having breakfast.
Photo of toddler child and teacher helping to put shoe on.

The “Toddler World” staff is dedicated to providing quality care for the children who are in the program. The program provides for the development of the whole child - physical, social/emotional, cognitive and language - in a safe and nurturing environment. The activities are directed towards age and individual appropriateness, allowing for all learning styles. The curriculum is child-sensitive and tailored to meet the individual needs of children.

Our Toddler program allows for children to learn at their own pace through active interactions with adults, peers and relevant concrete/hands-on materials in a multi-cultural and inclusive environment. Staff structure experiences and ask questions that encourage children’s growth and creative thinking skills based on child observations and development.

Toddlers learn through sensory, motor and tactile experiences. Toddlers need to expand their language skills and develop a sense of autonomy in a secure environment that helps them develop a sense of trust. The program is designed to enhance self-esteem, extend experiences and enrich children’s lives.

Photo - UBCCC north campus slide and playground.

Daily schedules are flexible and subject to change based on the ages and developmental needs of the children in the classroom. Any times listed are general, and allow time for transition and self-selected activities. Meals are served family style and children are encouraged to serve themselves, clean up and develop other self-help skills.