Meal Menus

Photo - preschool child helping to clear table.

Summer-Fall 2024 Menus:

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  • Our Infant Menu (birth - 12 months) is prepared to allow for a greater variety of foods each day for our infants. Differing textures will also be modified, based on your child’s developmental readiness. It has been shown that varying textures can encourage beginning speech development.
  • UBCCC offers Gerber Cereals and 2nd foods (fruits and vegetables) after they have been tried first at home. Please use the menu to communicate which foods can be given to your child.
  • Cereal or 2nd foods for children under 6 months old will not be provided. Department of Health recommends that only breast milk or iron-fortified formula be offered to infants under 6 months old. (Parents can provide cereal or 2nd foods for their children if they prefer, after they have been tried first at home.)
  • UBCCC offers Up&Up Advantage Premium Powder infant formula to our infants (birth - 12 months). Parents are welcome to provide other formulas or breast milk if it is their preference, or if required for a medical reason.
  • As a reminder, bottle feedings cannot contain anything additional unless there is medical documentation, and the bottles are prepared at home.

We are also a Breastfeeding-Friendly Center, and nursing mothers are encouraged to nurse as their schedule allows.

Part of our center philosophy and program is learning through play, participation in open-ended art activities and family-style dining.

Each center has Food Service Personnel who prep daily meals, maintain the kitchen environment, order food and center health & safety supplies, and maintain the paperwork for our Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) grant.

If your child has special needs, please discuss this with our courteous and thoughtful staff. As a facility serving multi-ethnic/multi-cultural children, we cherish and enjoy the opportunity to teach respect for different cultures.

UBCCC maintains a peanut-controlled environment. No home-baked goods are allowed. If food is brought into the center, it must have an ingredient label attached.

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