Jordan Fried

head shot of Jordan Fried.

UB Alumnus Jordan Fried says he's "obsessed with the distributed ledger technology space (blockchain)."

Jordan Fried, Hedera Hashgraph's VP of Business Development / Developer Advocacy, presented recently at UB, sharing his thoughts on distributed networks and next-generation distributed consensus technology.

Hashgraph: Leveling the playing field

Why/how did you get interested in distributed networks? How will they change our online world? Our world? What’s most exciting about the technology?

Jordan responds: 

I became passionate about distributed networks while running back in 2014. Centralized platforms have dominated the last decade of the Internet and leave users with little to no control of his or her privacy. While these platforms (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook) have provided the world with access to incredible tools, they've also been gatekeepers to the Internet at large. Entrepreneurs, creators and innovators live and die as the rules of these platforms change.

You can be number one in a Google search one day and on page 10 of Google the following. Decentralized public networks like Hedera Hashgraph provide a level playing field for entrepreneurs, creators and innovators to build and deliver their applications to the markets they serve. 

A decentralized trust layer on the Internet means an Internet that's fast, fair and secure. Tools like Hashgraph make it possible to track the provenance of pharmaceutical drugs across the supply chain, preventing black market medicine from entering the market. It will make it be faster, safer and cheaper for a family to send money to relatives rebuilding after a tsunami, as they can do so directly without going through a middleman like Western Union or PayPal.

Constituents will not have to worry about voter fraud in elections where transparency can be guaranteed on an immutable public network. Decentralized technology has positive implications in every area of our lives and I'm excited to be a small part of building the ecosystem. 

Jordan Fried bio

An UB alumnus, Jordan Fried is currently Vice President of Business Development, Hashgraph by Swirlds Inc.

Fried is a blockchain evangelist and self-professed crypto capitalist. He's an investor in Swirlds Inc, the company behind the Hashgraph consensus algorithm. Previously Jordan was the co-founder and CEO of Buffered VPN, the fastest growing personal VPN service online which was acquired in the first quarter of 2017. Fried is an investor in companies such as and Buffer App. He's been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine,,, Time Magazine and