Buildathon Use Cases

wide angle view of the participants at the region's first Blockchain Buildathon.

Blockchain Buildathon sponsors offered use-case scenarios, challenging the student teams to come up with innovative solutions. They used the following rubric in evaluating the final products.

Industry Sponsored Use Cases

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria Description
Analysis and Design Understand use case, analyze requirement, clearly state them; motivation for blockchain-based solution
Technical Architecture A high-level overview of your solution's technical architecture, including a description of system requirements, MVP, processes, business logic, technology stack, user flows, attack factors and testing approaches
Design and Implementation Smart contract design, DApp stack development (web3), design choices in data structures, algorithms, techniques (Ex. encruption used)
Development and Testing Code base, development adn testing tools and environment used (Ex. Remix, Truffle, Matamask)
Usesr interface Design Design the layout, structure, blocks and wallet interface; special frameworks used, if any, React, Angular, etc.
Special Features Used Use of blockchain features: ERC token; Oraclize; etc.
Creativity and Teamwork Creative ideas from the base use cases; clear and creative articulation of the blockchain use in the usecase for non-technical user — worked closely with sponsors and were actively listening
Presentation Your team submitted demo useing Google slides, Microsoft Powerpoint or Marvel; 8 - 12 slides