Our Mission

The UB Blockchain ThinkLab creates opportunities in student learning, faculty research and industry engagement using blockchain technology.

back shot of computer racks showing multiple connections among many racked computers.

Both physically and virtually, we are a gathering spot for diverse perspectives collaborating on innovative applications of and uses for blockchain technology. We encourage the participation of students, faculty and industry in understanding and applying this disruptive technology.


  • Raise the level of understanding of and appreciation for blockchain technology among students, faculty, industry and the community.
  • Engage industry and community with students and the university on a consistent basis in addressing issues that could be alleviated or improved with blockchain technology.
  • Become a blockchain resource for Western New York in building knowledge and economic opportunities.
  • Encourage and support faculty research, student learning and industry engagement.
  • Explore opportunities for use of blockchain technologies within operational frameworks.

How we plan to achieve our goals

  • Create courses in blockchain technology for university, industry and community audiences.
  • Encourage blockchain exploration, information and application in non-technical fields as well as the computer sciences.
  • Develop and support additional opportunities for industry engagement with students and faculty.
  • Find and align financial resources with blockchain research and development.