Donations & Grants

The UB Blockchain ThinkLab is made possible from the following grants and donors.

President's Circle Club Grant

Establishes an immersive learning laboratory at UB, with open collaborative spaces and creative engagement processes, in which students will develop solutions to real world challenges based on blockchain technology.

President's Circle.

VETRO FiberMap is an innovative, cloud-based fiber management GIS platform purpose-built for network design and operations. The platform is specifically developed to meet the needs of broadband providers, municipalities, and telco engineers designing and building next-generation internet infrastructure. 

VETRO and the University of Buffalo are jointly developing a Proof of Concept blockchain solution that will help telecommunication service providers exchange, lease, and provision asset-based services between them without the friction of intermediaries.

Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG)

UBCert: Autonomous Credentialing using Blockchain Technology

SUNY-IITG grant 2019-2010