students listening to a poster presentation during the Computer Science Engineering's 50th anniversary celebration.

The ThinkLab promotes collaborative projects across the university as well as with alumni, industry and community leaders. The collective learning occurs in both formal and informal environments.

UB and IBM industry experts team up for an interactive, hands-on workshop on how blockchain and the cloud can evolve your business. 
UB hosts WNY's first-ever blockchain buildathon, April 13-15, 2018.
Blockchain and Genomics: The law, science and policy behind EncrypGen, a new start-up.
Blockchain is an evolving technology that piques the interest of many people. The Blockchain ThinkLab supports informal learning and networking whenever possible. Following are some grassroots collaborations.
UB joins industry in exploring uses of blockchain technology in the business world. Blockchain expert Bina Ramamurthy, PhD, joins Microsoft partner Nihilent, Inc., Aug. 14.