Network and Learn

Student and alumna conversing during Buffalo Career Conversations.

Blockchain is an evolving technology that piques the interest of many people. The Blockchain ThinkLab supports informal learning and networking whenever possible. Following are some grassroots collaborations.

Computer Science student clubs and Western New York entrepreneurs

UB alumnus and serial entrepreneur Dan Magnuszewski frequently meets with UB student groups in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The co-founder and CTO of ACV Auctions, Magnuszewski is passionate about technology, particularly those new technologies poised to disrupt our current activities. He meets with students, encouraging them to explore the topics and the challenges. When he's not there, he's connecting the students with other area entrepreneurs.  

Brown-bagging blockchain

Dave Dudek, with UB's ITCS Classroom Technology Group was fascinated and wanted to share his new knowledge with others. He held an informal brown-bag session on blockchain in mid-May.

What is blockchain?  It’s the technology behind “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin.

Over the winter session, while recording Prof. Bina Ramamurthy’s brand new CSE234 Intro to Blockchain course, I became interested in the topic and ended up taking the class. I then participated in the UB Blockchain Buildathon downtown at the Med School April 13-15 and actually ended up winning one of the prizes. Since taking the class and participating in the Buildathon, I’ve continued to learn more about blockchain and associated technologies.

Other UBIT staff asked me to talk with them about what I’ve learned about blockchain, a session that was open to anyone interested.